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Marinated in Prayer

"But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word." Acts 6:4

                   I love to use my gas grill as much as possible during nice weather. Whether it’s burgers, dogs, chicken, or steaks, there is just something about grilling that makes food taste better. (Well, it only tastes better if you don’t get a phone call and forget you have food cooking at an extremely high temperature, and a grease fire that will take the cooking temperature from 300 to 500 degrees in a matter of minutes). As you can probably guess, that did happen to me some years ago, but to my wife’s liking, the cow wasn’t mooing any more. He was charbroiled and as hard as leather!

                Whenever I grill out, I love to use certain seasonings that give the food a hint of flavor, so I sprinkle, flip, and then sprinkle again. (Just a pinch handful gives it a nice seasoned taste). Well, no matter how much you season something, it never has the same effect of being marinated (stay with me, I am going somewhere). What’s the difference? Time. When meat soaks overnight in an environment of marinating, it gets saturated with the flavor. When you sprinkle, the flavor doesn’t have enough time to thoroughly soak in.

                My point is this: when you just sprinkle some prayer into your life, it’s okay, but when you soak your life in prayer, it saturates your entire being! Your soul absorbs it and you become completely controlled by the Spirit’s power. That is why a healthy prayer life is the key to coping with life’s hard issues. The seasoning may give you some flavor, but marinating something will saturate until it infiltrates the finished product. I urge you to marinate your life in prayer and take time to get intimate with Almighty God.  When you daily soak your life in God’s presence, people around you will know that you have been with God and the flavor will be contagious! Stop sprinkling and soak in prayer!

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