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“I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvelous works.” Psalm 9:1

             Imagine if someone gave you a million dollars. Now, this is obviously a fictional scenario, however, if this describes you, please deposit a small amount of your fortune into my bank account **** **** **** 1234. Moving along…if this really happened to you, not only would you say “Thank you” to that person a thousand times a day, but you would likely talk them up to all your friends, offer to treat them to lunch several times a week, and maybe even give them a 5-star Google review! In other words, you would praise them for how their generosity benefitted you.

              I know that whenever someone blesses me with anything from a gift to a good deal on something I am buying, it makes me super-thankful and I am very quick to speak highly of them to others. I hope that I am that generous! I am blessed to know many kind-hearted people and I never want to take their friendship for granted. Another thing I like to keep in mind is that whenever the Lord blesses me with a little extra in the way of provision, I like to bless someone else to show my gratitude to Him for meeting and surpassing every need that I have.

             How thankful are you to others? Most importantly, how thankful are you to the One who gave His very own Son to die in your place for the forgiveness of your sins? Now, we cannot ever repay the debt we owe, nor are we supposed to, but we can live a life that is filled with gratitude to our Savior for His amazing grace that we could never afford! With this being the week of Thanksgiving, let’s be a little more intentional about expressing our gratitude, first to the Lord, and then to others.

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